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You Think You Know Hubris? I'll Show You Hubris!

I Used To Think Anubis Would Come Out Of The Toilet And Kill Me

Read It Ever, Cats - Miss It Never!
I am Conan, destined to bear the jewelled crown of Aquilonia upon a troubled brow! Let it be known that I once flew to the moon on a chariot crafted from the bones of Iron Man villains!
77-83, 7th sea, 80s pop, akira kurosawa, al-qadim, alfred bester, alternate history, andrey kurkov, arabian nights, archaeology, autumn, baby rakshasas, bagpuss, batman, battlestar galactica, birthright, bitter recrimination, bob haney, boxing glove arrows, captain britain, christianity, church of scotland, comics, communism, dc comics, dc villains, depeche mode, despising anime, destroying fipsoc, disdain, dr. doom, dungeons & dragons, dungeons and dragons, edge of midnight, evil twins, exigesis, failing to grow up, family, ferris bueller's day off, film noir, foppishness, frank capra, gary numan, green arrow, green lantern, guhnnn fingas!, guilt, hagiography, history, hyperfocused enthusiasm, infinite crisis, j. jonah jameson, jack kirby, jaws, jimmy olsen, john brunner, judge dredd, justice league, lego, liberalism, making stuff up, mark waid, metamorpho, ming the merciless, mitchell and webb, movies, mrs. rakshasa, music, new wave, oafish minions, obtuse cussing, omac, openly detesting fan fiction, peter gabriel, philip k. dick, philosophy, piracy, pirates, poetry, presbyterianism, professor yaffle, protestantism, prudishness, ramona fradon, raymond chandler, reading, religion, robert kanigher, roleplaying, roleplaying games, rpg design, rpgs, russia, sausages, science fiction, seemingly random genre combinations, short stories, singstar, slack, socialism, soren kierkegaard, spaced, stargate sg-1, strontium dog, superheroes, swashbuckling, synth pop, syphon filter, tall orders, tall ships, the border princes, the disruption, the emerald archer, the shadow, the silver age, the soviet union, the stars my destination, the wheat, theatre, theology, they might be giants, two-face, ultimates, vandal savage, verona, villainy, voltaire, westerns, wfrp, willem dafoe, writing for rpgs